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The Importance of a Backflow Valve

A backflow valve protects you and your family.

Having an in-ground sprinkler system is really handy in the spring and summer to keep the lawn green, help the flowers bloom and help with your vegetable garden.  Sprinkler systems let you set a schedule and timer and you don’t have to worry about bringing out the hose and manually watering the lawn.  If you install or already have a sprinkler system, there is one part of the system that often goes overlooked, but is a vital part of the system: the backflow valve.

A backflow valve is device on your water line that sits between the water in your house and the water in the sprinkler system.  It is device that ensures that water only flows out from the house to the sprinkler and keeps water from flowing back into the house.

Why are backflow valves so important?  It is vital that you keep the water from the lawn out of the house.  Grass, plants, flowers and veggies are all treated with different chemicals to help the grow and keep the bugs and other critters away.  These are chemicals that you definitely do not want to contaminate your home water supply or you could wind up drinking, bathing in, or cooking with this contaminated water.  Worst of all, you could unknowingly be giving contaminants to your kids.

The backflow valve will make sure this does not happen.

In most places, New York included, it is not only necessary to have a backflow valve, it is vital to have it inspected once a year.  It is inexpensive, only takes 10 minutes, and it will keep your water company off your back.

If you have a sprinkler, check to make sure you have a backflow valve on your line.  If you don’t give BBC Mechanical a call and we will set you up and get you protected.  Your family is your move important and precious asset.  Keep them safe.

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