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Benefits of a Digital Thermostat

A Digital Thermostat will save you money and make your house more comfortable

A digital thermostat is a great tool in order to keep your house comfortable and efficient. Many home still have the same old analog thermostat that came with the house. If you have one of these old thermostats, you are missing out on the many benefits of the new technology digital thermostats. Here are some of the benefits that you can enjoy as a result of upgrading your old thermostat to a brand new, sparkly digital thermostat and the importance of changing outdated controls over time.

Benefits of a Digital Thermostat

1 – Safer for your home. Older analog thermostats contain mercury which is dangerous to have in the house. This can be a real problem if the thermostat breaks

2 – No moving parts. Old thermostats have a lot of moving parts and sensitive connections. Any one of these parts can cause the thermostat to either break altogether or cause the thermostat to lose accuracy.  A loss of accuracy is a waste of energy.  With digital thermostats, there is no reason for a technician to repair or calibrate the system.

3 – Programmable Digital thermostats can be programmed in several ways. Most have settings for weekdays and weekends and can be set for several times throughout the day and night.

4 – Save Money. The best reason is to save money. With greater accuracy and precision, your home heating systems only work when they have to. You save money on energy costs, but you also save money on the wear and tear on one of the most important systems in the house.

5 – Remote Access.

For the more tech-savvy, you can get a higher end digital thermostat with a microprocessor that allow homeowners to send a signal to the thermostat via a cell phone or computer to raise or lower the temperature.  If you have the temperature set low during the day because you are not usually home, but day’s plans have changed, you don’t have wait for the heat to come up after you get home.  Reset your thermostat remotely and the house will be just right by the time you get home.

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